Bumble Bee Social Group

Group Details:


Time: TBC 

Hong Kong Developmental Paediatrics and Child Neurology Centre (Central)

Number of kids per group: 3-4

2-3 years old

A large body of research on brain development and how young children learn clearly identifies the importance of learning in the context of relationships. In addition, the social and emotional development of young children and the nature of their relationships and attachments are critical to their development.

Learning readiness refers to the developing capacity of children to self-regulate; develop close, secure personal relationships with adults and peers; demonstrate curiosity in, pay attention to and explore people and objects in the environment; demonstrate a sense of self-confidence as well as effective communicating skills.

Skills training in the Bumble Bee Social Group includes:

1.  Develop and engage in positive relationships and interactions with adults

2. Begin to learn and internalize rules, routines and directions (i.e. following instruction sitting for tale task, paying attention in class)

3. Begin to develop personal relationships with peers (i.e. taking turns, sharing and cooperating with peers)

4. Demonstrate interest, curiosity, and eagerness in learning and discovery

5. Begin to develop and demonstrate control over some of their feelings and regulating self-behaviours (i.e. understanding basic emotions, acquiring problem-solving skills)

Note: If the group has started, no make-up class or refund will be made for any absence.