What to Prepare for the Appointment?

  1.  Make Your Appointment

We welcome bookings through:

  • Email, Phone Call, WhatsApp, Website, Walk-In

2.  The day before your appointment

Prepare your child for assessment:

  • Adequate sleep, food and drink before the assesment
  • Show images of our centre to familiarize your child with the environment
  • For younger children, tell them we will have some “fun activities” with them
  • For school-aged children, tell them we will ask them to do some tasks to understand their strengths and weaknesses
  • No prior drilling or practising please

3. On the assessment day

  • Arrive on time

  • HK ID Card / passport / birth certificate of your child
  • Health Record + previous medical report
  • Referral letter (if any)
  • Handbook/school report

    Please also bring:
  • If your child is on medication, please bring it with you for our reference
  • Assistive devices, eg. Hearing aids, spectacles and orthosis etc.
  • Snacks for younger children to encourage their cooperation

    Assessment :
  • Interview parents / caretaker – parents please try your best to attend the assessment
  • Questionnaires for parents and teenagers
  • Conduct assessment
  • Debriefing – explain assessment result, follow up plan, and management

4. Referral and training plan


  • Circle of Security Parenting
  • Triple-P Positive Parenting Programme
  • Incredible Years Programme


  • Clinical / Educational pyschological Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Medication
  • Hospital Authority
  • Social Welfare Department Rehab Services