The Incredible Years® - P Group

Group Details:

Every Thursday

Time: 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Hong Kong Developmental Paediatrics and Child Neurology Centre (Central)

Number of kids per group: 2-4

5-8 years old

Hong Kong Developmental Paediatrics Centre offers The Incredible Years® Child Program Dinosaur School Preschool-Grade 3, an evidence-based proven, child training program for strengthening children’s social skills, emotional self-regulation such as understanding and communicating feelings, using effective problem solving strategies, managing anger, practicing friendship and conversational skills, and behaving appropriately in the classroom.

The programme aims to treat children with conduct problems, ADHD, and internalizing problems in small interactive classes to coach children’s social skills, emotional regulation and problem solving critical for school success in 18 sessions. Incredible Years® has been extensively researched and the benefits are consistently shown with families of different cultures. Many papers on the programme has been published and is considered the “model program” in U.S.

Standardised structure developed over 30 years ago, used in over 20 countries worldwide, with strict training and monitoring of instructors. The program is run by Dr. Maureen Kong, an Incredible Years Group Leader and Registered Clinical Psychologist and a Psychology major teacher.

Skills training in the Incredible Years® Child Program:

Improvement in their child’s attention, behaviours, emotion regulation and social competence. Teachers reported a reduction of externalising behaviours and improvements in social competence during peer interactions.

Note: If the group has started, no make-up class or refund will be made for any absence.