Executive Function- Kindergarten Group

Group Details:

Every Friday

Time: TBC (afternoon)

Hong Kong Developmental Paediatrics and Child Neurology Centre (Central)

Number of kids per group: 3-4


Executive function is a set of higher-level cognitive ability, involving with the regulation and control of various cognitive processes such as working memory, concentration, decision making and abstract thinking. Attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) exerts a profound impact on one’s sociability and academic performance. Relevant researches suggest that executive function starts developing when we are three years old. Hence, early intervention and assistance is exceptionally helpful and crucial in enhancing children’s growth of executive function.

This skill training group is an evidence-and-research-based program, referencing from “PATHS Preschool/Kindergarten” program and “Tools of the Minds” curriculum to systematically foster children’s executive function.

Wired-up Brain Program:
This program was tested in Hong Kong and proven to have significant effect.

Note: If the group has started, no make-up class or refund will be made for any absence.