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Why is my child not focusing on doing the homework tasks? How can I assist them to complete the homework assignments in a more effective way?

If you have these questions in your mind, come and listen to the talk by Dr LAM by clicking the link below or scanning the QR code on the poster to register and learn more!

Date: 27 November 2022
Time: 15:00 – 15:45
Venue: Tang King Po School – School Hall
Audience: Hong Kong Association for Specific Learning Disabilities
Content: How to assist your children to complete their homework assignments using the application of using Executive Function


*Attendants must fulfil the “vaccination pass” according to Hong Kong Government requirements.

> 什麽是自閉症?
> 自閉症小朋友家長的壓力
> 環境因素會否導致自閉症?
> 怎麽分別譜系自閉症,阿氏保加症,高能力自閉症?
> 和小朋友相處要留意什麽?
> 自閉症 = 智力有問題?
> 家長和照顧者在小朋友不同成長階段需要留意什麽?
> 確診后有什麽治療方法?
> 服用藥物有幫助嗎?
> 家長對患有自閉症小朋友不同年紀的擔心
> 電子產品對自閉症小朋友的危險性
> 家長可以如何幫小朋友度過成人階段 tips
Dr. Lam was invited to speak on the RTHK program 《精靈一點》yesterday to talk about how to identify early signs of Autism. If you would like to learn more, click the link below!
In the interview, Dr. Lam covers upon the following:
> What is Autism?
> Stress in parents of Autistic children
> Do environmental factors play a part in causing Autism?
> How to differentiate between Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger Syndrome and High-functioning Autism
> What do parents need to observe when communicating with children?
> Autism = problems in intellectuality?
> What do parents and guardians need to observe during the child’s growing phase?
> What type of treatment is there after a child is diagnosed with Autism?
> Does taking medication help with the condition?
> Concerns of parents for Autistic children during different stages of life
> The dangers of electronic devices for Autistic children
> Tips on how parents can help children transition to adulthood

兒童體智及行爲發展學科專科醫生林蕙芬醫生被邀請於 8 月 1 日就嬰幼兒成長發展(睡眠篇)進行 Zoom 演講。講座會涵蓋以下主題:


2) 照顧者如何理解及提升嬰幼兒睡眠質素。 


Dr. Lam is invited to give a Zoom talk on August 1st on the topic of sleep in infant and child development as part of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals’ infant and child development series. The talk will cover the topics of: 

1) the relationship between infant sleep and developmental growth; 

2) how caretakers and parents can better understand and improve the sleep quality in infants and children. 

The talk is aimed at audience members who have children aged 3 or below and social workers, counsellors, healthcare workers, teachers and students.


Thank you Tung Wah Group of Hospitals for awarding an appreciation plaque to Dr. Lam and inviting her to give a Zoom talk on August 1st on the topic of sleep in infant and child development as part of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals’ infant and child development series.


想知道更多? 單擊播放按鈕並收聽廣播節目!

In this Radio discussion, Dr Lam will discuss the cause of dyslexia, what age is more appropriate to do the assessment on dyslexia and recommend methods to assist children with dyslexia.

Want to know more? Click the play button and listen to the radio program!